Judge scolds IMPD major for sending emails on Bisard trial


The judge in the trial for Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard ordered an IMPD major to stop sending emails to his commanders.

On the sixth day of the trial, Judge John Surbeck discovered that IMPD Major Greg Bieberich had been emailing summaries of witness testimonies to IMPD Chief Rick Hite and other commanders.

The concern is that the information could taint or jeopardize upcoming testimony of IMPD officers. The judge ordered the major to stop doing it immediately and compile a list of recipients of all IMPD or public safety employees who received them.

"Who's writing these damned emails? It's as unprofessional as I've heard," said the judge, but added, "I suspect witnesses overall have not been tainted."

"Is there any doubt in your mind to the seriousness of this affair? This has to stop," the judge told Maj. Bieberich.

Also Wednesday, another juror was dismissed due to a work issue. That leaves the trial with just one alternate juror left.

Prosecutors used the entire day to reconstruct David Bisard's crash into stopped traffic.

A retired Ford engineer explained what he retrieved from the patrol car's computer module reveals.  In the 25 seconds before the collision, Bisard accelerated to 75 miles an hour, slowed to 50 at an approaching intersection, than accelerated again to 76 mph. Bisard didn't hit the brakes until the final seconds, 100 feet from a violent collision that killed one motorcyclist and critically injured two others.

Doug Eustis, an IMPD accident reconstructionist, testified Wednesday. He pointed out tire skid marks and other significant details in the accident scene photos. The jury was shown close-ups of Bisard's police vehicle after the August 2010 crash, as well as his computer terminal and airbag. They also learned  about the online conversation Bisard was having with another officer minutes prior to the crash that claimed the life of Eric Wells and critically injured Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills.

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