Judge Kimberly Brown removed from office

Judge Kimberly Brown

The Indiana Supreme Court has voted to remove Judge Kimberly Brown from office.

In a report out Tuesday, a committee found that Brown, a judge for Washington Township of Marion County Small Claims Court and later Marion County Superior Court, engaged in "significant judicial misconduct" that warrants her removal from office.

A commission investigated and then filed 45 counts against Judge Brown, including allegations of mismanagement, delays, dereliction of judicial duties on cases, inappropriate demeanor, retaliation and the creation of a hostile environment for attorneys and other people working in the court.

Brown is also accused of failing to complete the necessary paperwork and failing to adequately train or supervise court staff, resulting in the delayed releases of defendants from jail. The commission also says Brown did not cooperate with the Marion Superior Court's Executive Committee to address the issues that led to the delayed releases.

The report says Brown filed an answer to the charges but later amended her answer.

Brown is off the bench and is not eligible for judicial office. However, she will keep her law license.

The Court specifically says she shall not be suspended or barred from practicing law in Indiana.

Brown apologized, but the Court basically says it was too little too late: "It is hard to assign much weight to an expression of remorse under these circumstances."

The last time an Indiana judge was removed from office was in 2004, when Judge Joan Kouros was removed from Lake County Superior Court for failing to issue orders promptly in criminal cases and providing inaccurate information about her compliance with orders to fix the problems.

Read the court findings here.