Judge allows new DNA, alcohol tests on Bisard blood samples

David Bisard

A judge is granting the request from prosecutors in the David Bisard case to get new DNA and alcohol tests on blood samples taken from the suspended Indianapolis Metro Police officer.

Bisard is accused of drunk driving in a crash that killed a motorcycle rider and injured two others in August 2010.

Prosecutors Thursday asked to test a second vial of blood drawn from Bisard after the crash. Testing on the first vial showed he was more than twice the legal limit for alcohol, and prosecutors say the new blood test will confirm the validity of the original test.

The family of Eric Wells, who was killed in the crash, was in court for the hearing. Wells' father says the process is long and trying on the family, and for them it can't be over soon enough.

"But at the same time we want it done right. You want all the points covered. You want it to be fair and you're seeking the truth and the justice that hopefully will be right there at the end of it. But as I've mentioned, even at the end of it our son is gone forever that will never change," said Aaron Wells.

The next hearing in Bisard's case is scheduled for Aug. 17, more than two years after the fatal accident. His trial is not likely to start until late 2012 or early 2013.