Journalist's death prompts questions about ISIS reach

James Foley
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Pope Francis is among those offering his condolences to the family of journalist James Foley. He was killed on camera by the terror group ISIS.  Foley's parents talked about the call from the Pope and the support they've received.

"Pope Francis was so dear, because he is grieving himself having just lost three members of his family and his nephew is critically ill. So, here in the midst of his tremendous grief, he took the time to call," said Diane Foley.

"He offered us his personal prayer, and we felt very comforted and supported in that regard," said John Foley.

The U.S. is now at war with ISIS with daily air strikes, but so far, the air campaign is only targeting ISIS in Iraq. 

ISIS doesn't operate only in Iraq, but it spans the border into Syria.  

The president's defense team said that attacking only part of ISIS is having a limited impact. 

"Can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization, which resides in Syria? The answer is no," said Gen. Martin Dempsey.

The defense officials did not say Washington is prepared to extend air strikes into Syria, only that they're looking at "all options." 

ISIS controls large parts of Iraq and Syria and still holds around 20 foreign hostages. 

French journalist Nicolas Henin who was released in April shared a cell with them, including reporter James Foley. He says that Foley was singled out for abuse, because he was an American. 

"For sure, being an American for him and the brother of an American military person were negative points," said Nicolas Henin.

Before Foley was executed, ISIS sent his parents an email full of rage, saying James would pay the price for U.S. air strikes against the group in Iraq. 

ISIS is threatening to kill another American reporter, Steven Sotlof.   

The fate of the foreign journalists and other hostages in Syria remains unknown, but this three-year war in Syria is taking a terrible toll across the country. The U.N. said today that the death toll so far is now nearly 200,000.