Josh Kaufman stealing the night on "The Voice" season finale

The excitement is building for Josh Kaufman of Indianapolis, as he waits to see if he's the winner of NBC's "The Voice".

He took the stage three times during Monday's "The Voice" season finale - the first time a Hoosier has ever gone so far. Josh's first performance was a duet with his coach, Usher - The Police's "Every Breath You Take."

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WTHR's Andrea Morehead talked to Josh ahead of the show Monday afternoon. She asked him if he had any pre-show jitters.

"Not too bad yet. It'll get there as it gets closer to tonight. I'll start to feel it a little more," he said. "But I'm pretty calm right now."

Josh's family is in town for the finale - including relatives from his home state of Florida. "It's good to have them here supporting me."

America got to pick one of each artist's two solo songs. For Josh, they chose Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," which was his second performance of the night - a choice he was thrilled with.

After his performance, coach Shakira told Josh that he had, "a voice that has such charisma, so dynamic, has so many facets that no one can get bored listening to you. It's hard to believe you almost went home singing that song."

She was referring to Josh's loss in one of the show's battle rounds when his original coach Maroon 5's Adam Levine chose another contestant over him and Usher stole him for his own team. It's a decision that Adam has semi-jokingly beaten himself up for each week after Josh sings ever since.

"Twist the knife that takes me right back to that crucial moment in the battle rounds," Levine said Monday night. "That battle must have been so epic to think I had to choose with that."

Blake Shelton also heaped on praise, saying, "Not only did you sing the crap out of that, you ad-libbed the crap out of that. It was awesome. Great job, dude. Great job."

His own coach, Usher, called Josh "the new voice of 'The Voice'."

For his final selection, Josh went with Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain."

The studio audience was so excited by the performance, Adam Levine only had time to say, "You're super awesome."

Usher said of his contestant, "Throughout this process, you have wanted to represent soul. That's what you represent - something different, something that changes this standard. There's a mantra I've had this whole time and that's that the destination is the journey. Throughout this entire process, that's been you. You've made it into the top 10 songs in the country. This [Josh] is the representation of what 'The Voice' is."

He still needs your help to win the competition, though. You can vote any of four ways between 9:55 Monday night and noon on Tuesday:

1) Call 1-855-VOICE-03 (up to 10 times)
2) Text the number 3 to 8642 (up to 10 times - Sprint Wireless customers only)
3) Go to The Voice's website
4) Download either (or both) of Josh's solo performances from iTunes ("Signed, Sealed, Delivered" or "Set Fire to the Rain").

Remember that if his songs get into the iTunes Top 10, each download for that song will count as FIVE votes.

"The fan support is everything," Josh said in an interview with WTHR's Andrea Morehead before Monday's show. "That's why I'm here. It's been so much more than what I thought it would be. I knew people would get behind it and support it. But what I've gotten as far as support - cards and tweets and Facebook - it's been unbelievable!" he said.

Josh has been paying the monthly bills for the family by tutoring, but his real passion has always been music.  In fact, you may have seen him and his band, "The New Etiquette", playing in nightclubs around Indianapolis.

It's been an incredible journey for Josh, who almost didn't make it very far in the competition.  He was picked by judge Adam Levine and didn't get picked to move on after the battle round, but Josh was saved at the last minute by Usher, who has been mentoring him ever since on the show.

Josh says his break out moment that proved to everyone that he had staying power, was the song, "Stay with me."

Kaufman says, "When Usher suggested the song, I hadn't heard it yet, but after hearing it one time...I just knew."

Josh says he has a lot of faith and is hoping to make a life-long dream come true by winning "The Voice" season finale.

Voting Controversy

There has been some controversy, regarding last night's voting.  Fans of the show took to social media overnight, complaining about not being able to find Josh's performance as a single on iTunes. Josh's performance of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" could only be found under "albums" and not a "single".  The problem started around 10:00 p.m. Monday night and was eventually resolved, but the problem lasted for a few hours.

As you know, many people this season have been voting for their favorites by downloading their performances on iTunes.  Andrea Morehead has been in Hollywood overnight, and says NBC is aware of what happened and has been talking with their legal team about how this could affect tonight's voting. 

Voting for Josh continues until noon today.  You can watch The Voice starting tonight at 8:00 on Channel 13.

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