Josh Kaufman reflects on dizzying week after Voice win

Josh Kaufman
The past week has been a media blitz for Josh Kaufman, winner of NBC's The Voice. He performed on the TODAY Show Wednesday morning after Tuesday night's win, and he sang with the Roots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night.

WTHR's Scott Swan spoke to Josh on Eyewitness News at Noon. Josh will arrive home in Indianapolis Thursday night around 11 pm.

"It's been pretty much what you said. It's been crazy. I finished up the show Tuesday night and did a little press conference there in LA and then headed straight to the airport and flew overnight, got into New York early in the morning, went to the TODAY Show and then from there, did a few other things for The Tonight Show. It's been quick!" he said.

The coolest thing he's done since winning?

"I liked all of it. It was fun. But I have to say being on The Tonight Show and performing with the Roots was pretty amazing," he said.

The first thing he wants to do when he gets home is "spend some time with my family. It's been a while."

The Voice's summer tour schedule does not currently include Indianapolis.

"I'm kind of disappointed about that, obviously, and I know some people will be too. But that's how it's lining up right now, at least," he said. "I was really hoping we'd be in Indianapolis, for sure."

The closest stop on the tour will be Chicago July 16th - schedule

"Everybody's been super supportive and congratulatory. I'll definitely gonna try to see everybody when I get back home. It's been a lot of being away. First priority is obviously to see my family. But I definitely want to see the guys I play music with and friends and be able to just kind of be home for a little bit," he said.

Up next? "Part of winning is the record deal with UMG Republic Records. That has to start pretty soon," he said. "I want to get that out there as soon as it's possible."

As for the kind of music he'll work on, Josh says the music fans heard on The Voice is representative of what he wants to do.

"I love what people like Pharrell and Robin Thicke are doing musically - taking those classic soul sounds but then modernizing that and making it something that's still current. That's something that I would like to do," he said.

Josh says his biggest celebrity moment was Justin Beiber's tweet.

"The biggest thing I got through the whole process probably was Justin Beiber sending a tweet out that he was supporting me and Team Usher. Obviously he has that connection to Usher so I think I had that helping me out," said Josh.

We asked Josh if he had plans to attend the Indy 500 this weekend. He says growing up in Florida, racing wasn't a big thing. But more recently, he's started to pick up the vibe. "I'd love to be there," he said, although he said he was still figuring out his plans.