Johnson County woman arrested for cutting man's penis

Bonita Vela
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A Franklin woman was arrested after police say she attacked her daughter's boyfriend.

Bonita Lyn Vela, 35, is accused of cutting the 18-year-old man's penis with a box cutter.  The victim told police that Vela, along with two men, held him inside a trailer for over three hours before finally attacking him.

According to the victim, Vela accused him of molesting her two-year-old child, something he denied.

When questioned by police, Vela said the man had asked her a few months earlier if it was normal to get aroused when the child sat on his lap. She told police that she'd told him it was normal and that he shouldn't worry about it. But later on, Vela told police that her suspicion grew after her other daughter reported the man having sexual relations with her daughter.

Later that night, when Vela was at a friend's house, she told police she became angry about the situation. She had another friend bring the daughter's boyfriend to the trailer, where she accused him of molesting her young son.

The victim told police that Vela was extremely angry. He denied molesting her child, but he said Vela was "out of control" and wouldn't listen to him. According to the victim, Vela said she was calling her friends who had guns to come over and "take him out" and shoot him in the head, and "tie him to a tree so that the animals eat him."

Vela allegedly told the victim to drop his pants and that she was going to cut his penis. The victim also told police that Vela said if he didn't take his pants down, she would have others hold him down so she could "cut it all the way off." She allegedly began attacking him with a knife, trying to draw blood. When that didn't work, the police report states that Vela took a box cutter and cut his penis with it.

According to the victim's report, Vela told him he'd have to choose between his life or his penis. After cutting the man, she allegedly told him to leave Franklin or face death.

Vela admitted to shouting at the man to get him to confess to molesting her child. She also told police she'd been smoking pot that night. She claimed that when she started to cut the man's penis, he knocked the box cutter out of her hand and that's how he was injured. She also said she never wanted to hurt the man; only to scare him.

Vela faces charges of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon. She's being held at the Johnson County Jail on a $28,000 bond.