Job fair seeks Veterans

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A job fair just for Veterans.

Saturday, The American Legion hosted a job fair to help Indiana veterans find work.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that as a population, 8.3% of all veterans are unemployed. The national unemployment number across the board is about the same.

Vietnam Veteran Ralph Rose wants extra money. But, he's not sure how he wants to make it,  "I don't know. I want someone that likes me, and I like them. I don't know. I am just out looking around. "

The part-time Pastor chose to look for a job at a fair hosted by the American Legion Saturday, offered only to Veterans, active military, guardsmen and their spouses-giving them the chance to meet employers face to face.

National Guardsman Doug and his wife Nicole know what job this veteran wants. He's a bartender by trade- but, he's ready for a more family-friendly job. "I am looking for something better, more stable. So we can get things paid for," said Doug.

Indy's "Hiring Our Heroes" event is just one of hundreds put on this year by the American Legion and the US Chamber. With nearly 8.3 veterans without work, the career fairs are focused on making sure Veterans know the government can help. Davy Leghorn with The American Legion tells Eyewitness News, "We've found that veterans haven't used their local resources, like state workforce agencies."

Nearly 60 employers signed up for this job fair, but not all of them showed up. Still, the veterans say, it isn't just about finding a job.

Doug's wife, Nicole, tells Eyewitness News, she simply appreciates the support from the companies, "The companies that are here, knowing that I can go up to them on a normal day, knowing that they support the military."

Veterans who missed Saturday's job fair can attend another one on September 18th at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Job fair is from 10-2 for any veteran, active duty member, guard, reserve members, and military spouses.