Jennifer Trapuzzano opens up about loss of husband, moving forward

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Jennifer Trapuzzano opens up about loss of husband, moving forward
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Her life has been a whirlwind of emotions. Jennifer Trapuzzano went from newlywed to widow to new mother all within a matter of months. She opened up today about her life with her husband Nathan, and with her baby daughter Cecilia. 

Jennifer Trapuzzano's life has changed dramatically over the last four months. She lost the love of her life and found the love of her life.

"To lose your life partner, you lose the person you do everything with. Now I have someone to do everything with again and it makes me smile and laugh everyday," she explained.

Cecilia Trapuzzano, now four months old, has kept Jennifer busy.

"Babies change so much everyday. I don't want to miss a second of it so I have to keep going and finish classes this summer because I want to provide a future for her. She's depending on me. I can't just wallow away in grief as much as some days I may want to. I want to live for her. I don't want her to have a mom who is crying all the time. I want her to see me smile," said Trapuzzano.

She is attending grad school and attending to Cecilia. Friends and family helped to decorate the nursery. The picture above her crib just went up this week.

"I wanted a picture of him looking down over her and that one came to mind immediately. I want her to see him everyday. I want her to know who her daddy is. Not only that, I want her to see her daddy every day and know he is watching over her and she can see that picture where she sleeps every night," said Trapuzzano.

No matter how busy she is, she can't help thinking about what happened to her husband.

"I do think about it. That week he just started going for morning walks. He used to walk in the evenings. That is something I still struggle with but it's easy to say 'don't blame yourself.' I know I wasn't the one with the gun. I didn't cause this, but those little decisions are hard to get over sometimes. I know he would want me to move forward. That is what he said the last night to me. He said you'd survive. You can live without me. I told him I couldn't," she said.

But she is. He was right. And you only have to take one look to realize why.