Jail for sale in Boone County

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Take a drive around Lebanon and you'll see plenty of places for sale, but nothing quite like the property at the corner of Washington and Meridian.

"It's certainly a piece of Boone County history," said Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell.

The jail at 104 West Washington boasts more than 14,000 square feet and thick concrete walls that could tell all sorts of stories.

"It's a neat, old historical place that's got some fun stories and also, it's a jail, it's got some sad stories here as well," said Campbell, who started his career there as a 19-year-old jail guard.

From 1938 until 1992, the Boone County jail housed notorious criminals and everyday crooks. The walls are still covered in graffiti; The cell doors still open and close manually. And on April 10, it will all be sold to the highest bidder.

"This is a property that I see a ton of potential in," explained Key Auctioneers Vice President Seth Seaton. "It's an absolute auction and it's going to sell whether it sells for $20,000 or $200,000."

There's a commercial kitchen, a walk-in vault that was used for evidence and enough jail cell space to house 29 inmates.

The barred cell doors use the same manual lever system to open and close that was used at Alcatraz.

Auctioneers said there has already been quite a bit of interest in the jail from potential bidders.

"It's just a very unique property that's going to require some redevelopment and take someone with that keen eye or that vision to see what this property could be," said Seaton.

Whether for a museum, restaurant or tourist attraction, you can get more information and see pictures of the jail on the auction company's website.