Jaguars RB Jones-Drew often runs over the Colts

Jones-Drew is just 5-foot-7, but over 200 pounds. His short but thick stature make him hard to tackle.

The Jacksonville Jaguars swept the Colts last season for the first time in the history of the AFC South division. The Jaguars come to Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday with a dangerous weapon. Twice a season, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew runs into, and often runs over, the Colts.

"He's like a rolling ball of butcher knives running up through there," said Colts head coach Chuck Pagano. "He's got legs like tree trunks. I call them two sequoias. I told our guys, 'If you try to hit this guy high and you don't wrap up, you'll bounce off him like BBs on a tin can.'"

Jones-Drew is just 5-foot-7, but over 200 pounds. His short but thick stature make him hard to tackle.

"He's like a bowling ball," said Colts cornerback Jerraud Powers. "It's going to take more than one hat to bring the guy down. He's a proven back, tough back, one of the best backs in the league."

In 12 games against the Colts, MJD has averaged over 100 yards. Jones-Drew ran for 169 yards, his best-ever against the Colts, in the final game last season to seal the NFL rushing title.

Colts safety Antoine Bethea has become friends, and division rivals with MJD.

"We spent some time in the off-season together," said Bethea. "We have the same agent. We'll poke fun here and there. I don't really want to poke too much fun this upcoming week so he can kind of take it easy a little bit. It's all in fun and games."

Colts linebacker Justin Hickman knows Maurice Jones-Drew even better. The two were college roommates at UCLA. This past April, Hickman was in the running back's wedding. Hickman had to leave the wedding party early for Colts mini-camp.

"I was at the wedding April 1st," explained Hickman. "I had to leave the wedding reception early to catch a red-eye to get back here for the second. It was a long day."

Jones-Drew has given the Colts several long days. In 2006, he collected a Jaguars record 303 all-purpose yards against the Colts as a rookie. The Colts could have drafted him that year, but selected Joseph Addai instead.

Maurice Jones-Drew versus Colts:

-101 yards Rushing Average

-5.3 yards per carry

-13 touchdowns (4th all-time vs Colts)