IURC's Hardy indicted by grand jury

David Lott Hardy
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A Marion County Grand Jury has indicted David Lott Hardy, the former chairman of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, on three counts of official misconduct.

Prosecutor Terry Curry announced the indictments and filed felony charges against Hardy Monday morning.   

Hardy is charged on three counts of D Felony official misconduct.  The first count charges that Hardy "knowingly aiding and abetting Scott Storms by communicating with employees of Duke Energy regarding Storms' prospective employment while allowing Storms to continue to participate in proceedings involving Duke Energy."

Storms was an IURC administrative law judge hired by Duke. 

The Indiana Inspector General has accused Storms of conflict of interest violations because he handled cases involving Duke while working for the IURC.

Governor Mitch Daniels fired Hardy in October 2010.

The second count charges Hardy with failing to disclose an ex-parte communication in March, 2008 with a Duke employee regarding revised cost estimates of the Edwardsport IGCC project. 

The third count is for failing to disclose another ex-parte communication in February, 2010 with Duke employees about revised cost estimates of the Edwardsport project.

Indiana grand juries consist of six grand jurors and an alternate.  In order to return an indictment, at least five grand jurors must agree.  Grand jury proceedings are conducted in secret.