IUPUI issues alert after robberies near campus

Police responded to two robberies in recent weeks at 14th & Montcalm near IUPUI.
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IUPUI officials have issued a crime alert for students after two reported robberies near campus.
Metro police responded to a report of an armed robbery April 14 near 14th & Montcalm. The male victim told the responding officer he was approached by two men - one white, one black, both around 20 years old. 
The white male asked the victim for a light for a cigarette as the black male moved behind him and stuck a hard, unknown object into his side. The victim believed the object to be a gun. The white male pulled out a knife and the suspects took the victim's wallet before fleeing the scene.
On April 20, police responded to another robbery report in the same area. A female victim says she was sitting on a curb when a black male, aged 18-25, asked to use her phone. When she refused, the suspect left, but returned minutes later, waving a black, semiautomatic pistol at her. 
The victim ran, leaving her purse on the ground, which the suspect grabbed and walked away. 
Neither victim of these robberies suffered injuries, police said.

We spoke to student, Chandler Guill, who said "It is kind of concerning because I park right over here, and I get home from work pretty late. And, I have to walk over here to my apartment. Pretty concerning."

And student Thomas Rigg told us, "A lot of times there's not parking next to the building, so I have to park way over there and walk over here so it'd be wise to just park under a light if you can let someone know you are coming in."
Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.