IUPUI gives all-clear after four-hour alert

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The Indiana University-Purdue University campus in downtown Indianapolis has given the all-clear after a four-hour campus alert Tuesday.

The alert was prompted by a report of a man with a gun on campus, but after an extensive search, police did not find anyone matching the description.

Shortly after 1:00 pm, IUPUI sent several emails and texts that alerted students about a white male wearing a long brown jacket possibly carrying a long gun spotted in a campus parking lot. Police say they took three reports about a man with a weapon.

Capt. Bill Abston with IUPUI Campus Police said a young woman who called in the original report saw a man with a long rifle in the trunk of his car at around 12:30 pm. Concerned for her safety, she reported it to police.

Capt. Abston said police took an "organized, systematic approach" as they searched all the buildings on campus, but did not find anything.

Abston told Eyewitness News he was confident that it was safe for people on campus to resume their duties. He also encouraged people to report anything suspicious.

One concern police had was due to students who continued to walk around on campus after the alert went out. They issued a second alert to emphasize the safety issue while they conducted their search. Students started leaving on their own - before university officials gave the all-clear - after remaining inside university buildings for several hours.

The report prompted IUPUI to go into "full alert" mode asking students to shelter in place or avoid campus.

One of those reports originated near the School of Nursing at West and Michigan near 1400 Blackford. Police conducted a search but didn't find anyone meeting the description.

IUPUI put out the following alerts on Twitter and via text message to students:

"Man with what may be a gun seen in lot at Barnhill & Vermont. IUPUI, please seek shelter and avoid this location."

"All buildings are on lockdown. If on campus, shelter in place. Otherwise, please avoid campus."

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Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School also went on lockdown. Students were later dismissed with walkers being held until the lockdown was lifted, and buses delayed due to the controlled release of students.

Riley Hospital and University Hospital also went on lockdown.

A police officer at the scene told Eyewitness News that campus police, with the assistance of Indianapolis Metro Police and Indiana State Police, secured the parking lot at Barnhill and Vermont, spoke to people who were leaving the lot, then expanded their search to adjacent parking lots and buildings.