IU women's basketball coach resigns

Curt Miller

Indiana University's head women's basketball coach Curt Miller has resigned, IU's Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glassed announced today.

While stepping down as head coach effective immediately, Miller will take until the end of the month to fully transition out of the university.

 "Curt Miller did an incredible job coaching this team, bringing us farther, faster than anyone could have reasonably expected," Glass said. "He leaves the program in a very strong position and poised for much greater success. I respect his decision to resign, and I wish him well. The search for a permanent successor has already begun."

Miller and Glass met with the women's basketball team and available staff Friday morning to tell them about the resignation and plans for the future.

Glass said he will ask the new head coach to consider retaining the current assistant coaches, but doing so will be his or her decision. Glass expects all other women's basketball staff members to stay.

Until a new head coach is hired, Associate Head Coach Curtis Lloyd will serve as interim head coach. In addition, Glass has organized a transition team to help oversee the women's basketball program.

Glass will personally lead the search for IU's next head women's basketball coach with the counsel and support of advisors inside and outside the athletic department, including a student athlete from the women's basketball team.

Read Miller's resignation letter here.