IU ranks high among colleges in 'Twitterverse'

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Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Bloomington - Just about everyone is tweeting on the IU campus.

As a matter of fact, the university ranks among the top ten Twitter campuses in the United States, according to a new study from CollegesandUniversities.org.

"Twitter has exploded recently," says IU Informatics and Computing researcher Bruno Goncalves.

The university is in the top 10 among colleges and universities with Twitter Accounts, users and followers.

"It's one of the many points that shows the IU population is savvy, technology savvy," says Filippo Menczer, Associate Professor of Informatics and Computing.

Menczer says Twitter is the newest way to reach students, alums and prospective students quickly and concisely.

"If that's where the people are, that's where we need to go," says Menczer.

Judging by the study results, it looks like IU is well on its way. The study looked at the top 100 colleges for 2010, according to US News and World Report.

According to the study's findings, IU is sixth in the nation with university affiliated Twitter accounts and number four in its number of Twitter followers. Indiana is eighth in total tweets going out from here every day.

"Hopefully, this means that we're doing a good job at forming these communities and communicating," says Menczer.

"It's turned out to be a pretty useful little tool," says doctoral student Justin Donaldson.

It's even sparked its own area of study leading to several research projects.

"We're hoping to understand in the sense how people use Twitter and how we can use Twitter to learn about what people do," says Goncalves. "We like to follow popular people and by following them we make them more popular."

With the school ranking fourth in the nation when it comes to Twitter followers, researches at IU say that can only be a good thing for the university.

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