IU move-in day; Mother educates students on power of good decisions


It's Welcome Week at Indiana University and that means thousands of students, including hundreds of freshmen, will be moving into the residence halls today.

While there will be plenty of activities on campus to welcome them back, there will also be plenty of off-campus activities to entice students as well.

They'll be welcomed by a series of fun activities on campus, starting with the IU Induction picnic Wednesday afternoon.

But, there will also be plenty of draws to off-campus events and parties.

The name Rachael Fiege still rings loud and clear on IU's campus.

Photo: One year ago, IU freshman Rachael Fiege died after suffering a severe head injury at an off-campus party.

One year ago, her parents brought her to school, bright-eyed and full of wonderment and excitement about her freshman year. But, less than two days later and before ever attending her first class, Rachael was dead.

She went to an off-campus party, fell down the steps and suffered a severe head injury. She didn't get the necessary medical attention and the next morning friends noticed she wasn't breathing. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

Her mother, Angi, is now working to make sure no other student ever suffers the same fate.

"As a parent, I would like to caution these kids to never get yourself in a situation where you can't think clearly and make clear decisions," Angi Fiege said. "I think that's probably a lot of what happened with Rachael. She was among kids that were drinking and perhaps they weren't thinking clearly. They encountered a novel situation they didn't know what to do.

Angi Fiege has launched a program called Rachael's First Week.

"It's to remind any college freshman of the basics: Always walk with a friend, know the laws, never take an open drink, and always watch out for each other because t could save a life.

Photo: Angi Fiege, Rachael's mother.

It's all about cautioning freshmen and educating them on the power of good decisions.

You can follow Rachael's First Week on Twitter for important information and reminders.