IU men's basketball tickets scarce


It's an exciting night for IU fans.

The men's basketball team is ranked number one in the country and they play in an exhibition game against Indiana Wesleyan at 7:00 tonight.

Because the Hoosiers are expected to have such a strong season, getting a game ticket this year, will be difficult - but not impossible.

Dedicated fans staked their claim early outside Assembly Hall in Bloomington.

"I came here at 9. My roommate came at 7," said IU junior Sarah Blanchette.

"I got here at 7:00. There's about 6 of us and we're all taking shifts," said IU senior David Ledwidge.

Some students ended up waiting in line for more than ten hours for front row seats to a game that doesn't even count. This campus hasn't experienced this kind of Hoosiers hype in years.

"To finally get to live it and see the passion and see the excitement that surrounded the program back then right now...I mean this is an exhibition game tonight and we've already got kids lining up," said Assistant IU Athletic Director J.D. Campbell.

"Even though it's exhibition, you just gotta get our here early to show your support," said IU junior Chris Hlebasko.

"The first game of the season, it's your first chance to see them in action and see what it's gonna be like," Ledwidge added.

None of the students on campus now were around for IU's glory days.

But this is a team and a fan base on the rebound.

Merchandise is selling fast.

Tickets are selling out.

The Hoosiers are ranked number one in every major preseason poll.

"I don't know when the last time we were ranked number one. Not since we've been here," said IU senior Donavon Stewart. "So it's a tremendous deal right now."

That means everyone wants to be part of it.

So what are your chances of getting a ticket at Assembly Hall this season?

You'll have to wait until students are gone to snag some seats.

"Oh it's very tough right now. We have 16 of our 20 home events already sold out with over 12,000 student tickets sold," Campbell explained. "What you really need to do is look at the holiday break games."

Four home games have tickets still available:

November 25th against Ball State, December 18th against Mount St. Mary's, December 21st against Florida Atlantic and December 28th against Jacksonville.

IU has deals for some of those, where you can get seats, a hot dog, coke and popcorn for just $20.

They certainly are hot Hoosier tickets that Bloomington is ready for.

Students hope this exhibition game sets the tone for a run to a national title.

"It's really exciting to be part of such a hyped-up season," Ledwidge said.

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