IU men's basketball team back home after Syracuse upset

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The Indiana Hoosiers are back home again in Indiana after Thursday night's upset game in Washington, DC.

The team's chartered flight arrived at Monroe County Airport Friday afternoon. WTHR Channel 13 was the only news outlet there to cover their arrival.

Syracuse beat the top-seeded Hoosiers Thursday 61-50 in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Indiana led 3-2 early, but trailed by as many as 18 points in the first half. They cut the Syracuse lead to 12 at the half and got as close as six points on a Victor Oladipo three-pointer with 14:12 remaining before losing to the Orange.

There was an air of melancholy on the IU-Bloomington campus Friday, but students said they were still proud of their team for getting as far as they did. Some freshmen said they were thrilled to see exciting games all season, and they're looking forward to more of the same next year.

The Hoosiers' return to Indiana was not publicized by the team, so only a small number of fans were at the airport to greet them. Still, they were loyal!

Fourteen-year-old Kennedy Trendelman, her parents and some of Hoosier Nation's proudest came to the airport to welcome the team home.

Kennedy doesn't miss school for anything, but she made the exception for a team she loves.

"I really want to meet them and tell them good job," said Kennedy, who was there with her mom's permission.

"Kennedy is a huge fan of Victor Oladipo and I do not let my kids miss school, but she begged me," said Christy Trendelman, her mother.

She was pleased to meet Victor Oladipo, who was happy to oblige her request for an autograph.

"I'm just honored and thankful that she would do something like that," said Oladipo.

We asked Kennedy if it was worth it to miss a day of classes.

"Yes! Definitely!" she said.  "I got autographs from Jordan Hulls, Yogi and Victor signed my shirt and cell phone case."

An older fan with a puppy named Zeller introduced player Cody Zeller to her new canine.

Wilma Wikle has been a fan for more years than she cares to count. But she takes the cake with her new furry little friend she named Zeller.

"We knew we was going to name him Zeller right when we got him," she said.

"They've got nothing to be ashamed of. They took the team from the basement to where we're supposed to be," said Megan Mahaffey, IU fan.

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