IU looks for long-term fix for Assembly Hall roof


Indiana University officials say they're reviewing a long-term fix for the roof of Assembly Hall after an eight-foot metal facing fell from the rafters Tuesday afternoon.

IU officials said the building's drains became frozen from ice and snow, preventing the roof area from draining properly. It's believed pressure from the ice and snow caused the beam to fall. University officials said all of the snow and ice has been removed from the roof and the structure is safe.

At a news conference Wednesday, IU said it didn't anticipate any schedule changes for future games.

The IU women's basketball team hosts Michigan Wednesday night, and the game is still scheduled to go on. Section F, where the metal beam fell yesterday, will be roped off for the game.

The university said an inspection revealed a few places that could have been risk areas and that those have been addressed. Officials also said a design flaw in the roof contributed to the falling beam. They described it as a "valley" in the roof where the snow collected and melted, creating a "super load."

While the inspections were going on, Assembly Hall workers put down rubber flooring to protect the hard court from a heavy crane. The roof was also inspected.