IU joins Freedom Indiana to oppose same-sex marriage ban

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Indiana University is the latest organization to join a coalition to oppose changing Indiana's constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

The Indy Chamber has already announced plans to oppose the measure. On Monday, IU said it would also join Freedom Indiana, which was created to oppose House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR6).

The ballot question could go to voters in November 2014.

The Indiana General Assembly will consider the issue in the legislative session that begins in January 2014, at which time it could decide to vote down, table or approve the amendment be placed on the ballot.

"Equality, compassion and respect for individuals have long been the bedrock of Indiana University's educational mission, and the lack of tolerance implicit in HJR6 runs counters to IU's deeply held values," IU President Michael A. McRobbie said. "We are proud to join the Freedom Indiana coalition and, in doing so, stand with some of Indiana's most respected employers and organizations on the side of fairness."

McRobbie argued that HJR6 would, if approved, provide some prospective employees a disincentive to locate in Indiana, adding to the state's challenges to remain economically competitive.

Other companies and groups who have joined Freedom Indiana:

Cummins Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Equity Coalition, Freedom to Marry, Gill Action, American Unity Fund, American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and the Human Rights Campaign.