IU highlighting Lifeline law after student death

Rachael Fiege died after a fall down the stairs at a party at this home.

A tragedy struck the Indiana University Bloomington campus last week even before classes started up for the fall semester.

Indiana University freshman Rachael Fiege made it to college, but died hours later following a deadly fall. Some students learned about her death from an IU tweet on the first day of classes.

"It made me scared for all my friends. I made sure I called everyone and told them to be safe. It's really sad, though," said JoAnna David, a sophomore.

The deadly fall happened Friday during an off-campus party in a house on North Park Avenue in Bloomington.

Police say hours after monitoring Rachael, her friends got help when she became unresponsive.

"We are all hurting. We lost one of our own," said IU spokesman Mark Land.

Now IU Officials plan to beef up their campus-wide campaign to educate students even more so on the Lifeline law, especially incoming freshmen.

The Lifeline law lessens the liability on students for getting emergency help for a fellow students.

"We are hoping by us doing our part we can help students do their part and maybe save the life of a friend at some point," said Land.

"That is a really good idea. I think if they know about it they'll do it. I just think everyone's fear is getting in trouble," said David.

But even with beefing up Lifeline law publicity, the university wants students to take responsibility. IU junior Keenan Evans agrees.

"Be smart, take responsibility for your actions and recognize that what you are doing is going to have consequences," he said. "That is a law that is in place to help students to help other students."

Zionsville Community High School Principal Tim East released this statement about Rachael Fiege:

"The thoughts and prayers of the entire Eagle family are with the Fieges during this difficult time. Rachael was very active in student life at ZCHS. She was a member of the soccer team and played intramural sports. During her three years at Zionsville Community High School she was a member of the Key Club, Spanish Club, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In addition to being a teacher's assistant during her sophomore, junior, and senior years, Rachael was also a member of the ZCHS PEER program mentoring elementary and middle school students to find social and academic success. Rachael was a friend to everyone and her life deeply touched all who knew her.

Out of respect for the Fiege family during our time of mourning we will have no additional comments. We are currently in consultation with our student leaders regarding an appropriate celebration of Rachael's memory as a member of the Eagle family. The details of a remembrance will be posted on our website along with the visitation and funeral arrangements when they are confirmed."