IU freshman upbeat despite 'Wheel' mistakes

IU freshman Julian Batts of Carmel won $11,700 on Wheel of Fortune, despite a few mistakes.
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An Indiana University student is staying positive despite a million-dollar mistake on "Wheel of Fortune" that has gotten national attention.

It was right there for IU freshman Julian Batts - a trip to London and a chance at winning a million dollars.

"I completed all of the empty spaces on the puzzle board and all I had to do was read the puzzle," said Batts.

But instead of correctly saying, "Mythological Hero Achilles," the Carmel High School graduate pronounced the word "A-chill-us." That one mistake cost Batts the trip and the chance at a million bucks.

WATCH: Julian's 'Wheel' mistakes

"It was a lot of the adrenaline. A little bit of the nerves. It's national TV," said Batts.

He bounced back, winning $11,700 in cash during the next round. But in the third round, he needed to solve another puzzle to win a car.

"I guessed a 'C' and I got buzzed. 'Man' did not come to mind," said Batts of the puzzle, "World's Fastest Man."

Despite the mistake, Batts stayed positive for the final round, where he guessed incorrectly another puzzle.

"I should have taken my time and taken a deep breath and guessed a vowel. Instead, I solved and said, 'On-The-Spot-Dicespin' instead of 'On-The-Spot-Decision'."

Critics pounced on the mistakes. One person went on Twitter, calling Batts "the worst 'Wheel of Fortune' player in history."

Batts is unfazed by the criticism, saying he is proud that he became a contestant on the show and the mistakes will help him prepare for any challenges to come his way.

"Haters are going to do what they're going to do," he said. "At the end of the day, I won the show."

Batts isn't sure what he will do with the cash won on the popular game show, saying he may even use the money to study overseas.

He may make it to London after all.