IU fans gather for video shoot on "Show Your Stripes Day"

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Close to 200 IU fans arrived at Assembly Hall in crimson and cream Thursday morning, not to watch a game, but to make a video at center court.

Diehard fan Sam Cull arrived well before the casting call.

"This place is pretty much the holy grail of basketball," Cull said. "To be here and stand on the court is probably near the top of my bucket list."

Dennis Clark, who described himself as an "IU fan since 1948," also arrived early.

"I wouldn't miss this for all the tea in China...Go Hoosiers! Beat those orange heads!" Clark said.

Choreographers lined the fans up, stretched them out and put them thru the moves. They were instructed to dance, shimmy and hold their "big player heads" high in a show of Hoosier pride.

The goal? To make two 30-second videos to share online and through social media.

You can see them here (We are IU) and here (IU Shake).

After a several takes, fans were given the "wrap sign."

Mason Elkins, with his mother and younger sister, called the experience "awesome. I got to hold Christian Watford's head and he's my favorite player."

His mother Amy added, "The only thing better would to be in (Washington) D.C. today, so this is second-best."

Bloomington resident Martha Street said, "I couldn't miss this. I remember 1987 and what a wonderful time it was."

Matthew Austin, an IU alum now living in Vegas, was back for the Midwest Regional at Lucas Oil Stadium. With IU in the Sweet 16, he decided to sell his tickets and stay in Bloomington to watch Thursday night's game with family and friends.

"I expect a five-point win by the Hoosiers," he said.

A couple of people in IU's marketing department also made the rounds on campus, handing out posters, pom-poms and beads. Freshman Alex Kimbrell helped. Approaching two students from Australia, he joked, "Hey, do you know we have a basketball team in the Sweet 16?"

Dom Rettiny smiled, shouting, "We're number one and we're going all the way. We're from Australia, but we've gone to every game."

"I didn't know a thing about college basketball before getting here, but now I bleed crimson and cream and I will be heartbroken if they lose, but they're not going to lose, they're going all the way!" added Bryce Bevan.

IU was hoping to post the two videos by day's end.