IU coach gives perspective on basketball and life

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You've seen him on the sidelines calling plays on the court but Tom Crean gets personal in a one on one interview with Eyewitness Sports director Dave Calabro.

Indiana has one of richest histories in all of college basketball.

The Hoosiers earned five national titles through the years, dramatic moments that define champions and live forever with fans but its been a 'long' 25 years since IU won it all.

The Hoosiers are once again in the national spotlight. Look at any national sports web site or publication, it's all about IU, the Hoosiers are ranked number one.

And its starts with one man, Coach Tom Crean, "Hoosier nation is hungrier than ever have you felt the vibe?  Oh yea absolutely but they have to take a breath we have a long way to go it can sound like coach speak but its true."

Crean says, "I am here every day we are trying to beat and be one of great teams in the country."

IU started to climb back into the national spotlight last December when the Hoosiers upset number one Kentucky.

Crean says he really knew the program had turned the corner with a win against Purdue, "We went up against our rival, against a tough, hostile crowd. They were waiting for us outside the bus to go in there and win, into March." 

Calabro ask, "How much satisfaction do you have just four years ago where you were?"

"A ton. There's no way around that coming in here and dealing with what we dealt with. There was a surprise everyday. There were trap doors it was just non-stop. It just wasn't any fun there was nothing that was any fun about it," explains Crean.

"What kind of hours do you keep, do you leave the house at the crack of dawn? No I take my kids to school, I don't waiver much. I don't have a lot of things that I do besides this and family. I love this game, I read a lot, there are things I like to do. It's not golf or tennis, so I am going to take my kids to school, I miss taking my oldest daughter to school. Megan has her own car I don't get to take her but I am going to take my son Riley and daughter Einsley for the most part to school. I try to go to church a lot of different mornings even if its for a short period of time and then I am here."

Dave Calabro ask, "What are those conversations in the car with the little ones, do they want to talk IU basketball?" Crean responds, "Some recruiting, my daughter doesn't she wants it turned to Radio Disney. So, lately its been about the Justin Bieber concert that is coming up. That's been her topic of discussion. I stay off the phone unless its really important, for that short period of time I have with them in the mornings I try to center it on them."

Being a father of three keeps him grounded. It also helps that his wife, Joanie, knows sports.

She is Jim and John Harbaugh's sister, "My wife Joanie runs the show. I just make sure. I basically fall in line the best I can and help out where I can. Being a Harbaugh, she's a leader, she is as tough as any of the brothers and they are pretty tough guys."

Crean has to be a tough guy too the entire Hoosier Nation critiques his every move but he loves to communicate with the fans, especially through Twitter.

Many of his Tweets are Bible based and have nothing to do with hoops, "I am not trying to hit people over the head with things, I am really not. But I believe in what I believe in. I like being around people that believe the same thing I am willing to listen to people others that don't see things eye to eye but want to be inspired I know what inspires me I try to hope that inspires other people."

Crean is trying to inspire a group of players to the next level.

He knows the talent is there.

This could be a season to remember for Hoosier Nation but its only November the journey must be kept in perspective.

"This is where you can't feel like you have arrived and anointed. If that shows up in our team we aren't going to win. If that shows up in a individual player he is not going to play we are always talking about decision making and its so much more than just the decision on the court and where the pass is going. You have to make the great decision on how you do things every day," says Crean.