It's back to school time in Central Indiana

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On Monday, 30,000 Indianapolis Public Schools' students begin classes.

The Marion County Health Department hosted a back to school health fair Saturday to make sure students and their families are prepared to get back into the classroom.

Naija Gill attended the health fair Saturday. She said she is excited about middle school: "Being healthy and happy and getting good graders."

Before Gill can make her debut as a 6th grader at IMSA North, her mother brought her to the Marion County Health Department to take care of all her immunizations.

"She starts school in about two weeks. I figured this would be the best time to get them all done. I can get all the necessary paperwork for school," said Naeyrna Gill.

Naija bravely dealt with four shots Saturday. As a six grader, she needed the meningitis vaccine along with the T-Dap vaccine; which guards against the Whooping Cough and Tetanus.

The 11-year-old also got an HPV and Hepatitis vaccine.

"I'm going to take fluids and rub and ice pack on it and move my arms around a lot," said the younger Gill.

For the first year, first graders and kindergarteners are required to get not one, but two doses of the chicken pox vaccine.

"In the older days, you only needed one. We've found that the immunity doesn't last as long which is why you need two shots going in. Some schools after a certain point if you don't have vaccination will put you out of the classroom," said Dr. Virginia Caine with the Marion County Health Department.

Ten thousand families attended the free back to school health fair Saturday. Free backpacks for students and a chance to talk with Indiana Fever basketball player Jessica Davenport.

The Marion County Health department hosts several immunization clinics across the city to help families get the needed vaccines for their students.

Times and locations of the immunization clinics.