ISTEP+ problems reported at Indiana schools statewide

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In a big misstep for ISTEP+, testing Monday at several Indiana school districts was suspended because of problems with the state computer system.

John Althardt is a spokesman for the Indianapolis Public Schools. He explained the problem as "the inability to log on to the system. Once they were able to log on the screen was freezing up and in some instances our students were being kicked off the system."

IPS was not alone. The glitches caused Carmel, Plainfield, Avon and Wayne Township, to name a few, to stumble out of the ISTEP+ testing blocks as well.

Daniel Altman is the spokesman for the Indiana Department of Education.

"The company that administers the ISTEP+ had an issue with its servers that had the tests interrupted. That makes it difficult for different classes to finish the ISTEP+," said Altman.

Altman says CTB McGraw Hill is working to correct the problem, which it hopes to have resolved by morning. That would then allow schools to resume testing on Tuesday.

"There is a window which everyone is able to take the ISTEP+ test. There is time built in. Our hope is with that time school have until May 8th to take the test so our hope is this will be resolved and everyone will be able to take the test on time," he said.

That is the school districts' hope as well. One year ago, some schools experienced a similar problem.

"We haven't had this kind of an issue for some time. This was not normal. It's not atypical have some slight issues. This was pretty much a difficult day for our teachers who were ready to administer the ISTEP test and our students who were ready to take the ISTEP+ test," said John Althardt, IPS.

Parents are urged to tell their students that they did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the testers will work overnight to try to get the right answers so testing can resume Tuesday.

The hope, at this point, is that students will be able to pick back up where they left off on the test when they resume testing.