Is driving the speed limit hazardous?

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Indianapolis - If you break the speed limit, you're not alone. Indiana State Police say they could never slow everyone down.

As an experiment, Eyewitness News decided to send a crew out on the highway in an SUV equipped with four cameras. This is what we found when we drove the speed limit.

Getting ready to merge onto I-465 on the south side of Indianapolis, we set the cruise control right at 55 miles an hour. Our mission? Go all the way around the city and see what happens.

Before we got settled, traffic was on us. Right off the bat we were getting tailgated. We knew within the first mile we were in for a ride.

55 mph is the speed limit, but at times it felt like we were crawling. All the way around the south end of I-465, we felt like a target. A semi trailer was bearing down on us at one point.

Semis, cars and picks were speeding by us. Then we made it into the construction zone on the southwest side of town and were soon getting tailgated again.

From our point of view, the speeding is worse in the construction zone. We were starting to see why Indiana State Police say they could put 1,000 troopers out here and not slow things down. We appear to be the only ones going the speed limit.

In the construction zone, other drivers appeared to not even notice the speed limit had dropped to 45 mph. We felt like a hazard as we stuck to that speed limit.

Once out of the construction zone traffic clears up for a few miles. Then on the north side, a Gary Community School bus comes up fast on our right hand side. There were no passengers.

The north side of I-465 is fast. At times we are holding up traffic, cars going by us left and right, and we see our first state trooper with a driver pulled over.

Coming to the end of our 53-mile journey, in the construction zones and the regular areas, it doesn't matter what side of town you are on. Going the speed limit you feel like you are a hazard.