Irsay: Talking regularly with Manning about staying with team


There's new information tonight surrounding the future of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning    

On Thursday evening, Eyewitness News Sports Director Dave Calabro spoke one-on-one with Colts owner Jim Irsay.  Irsay confirmed that he and Peyton are in talks right now, trying to keep him on the team.

Irsay said not to expect the ugly divorce forecast in some reports. "I've never looked at it as a divorce no matter what happens, along those lines," Irsay said. "It's really not.  It's just wrong to paint it that we're not close because we always will be an we always have been."

Irsay said he has been talking in person and texting with Peyton.  He says the conversation has been "upbeat and positive." 

Irsay would love to see Manning finish his career in a Colts uniform, but said that there are issues to work through in the next three weeks.

"Our desire to keep him as a Colt and his desire to be a Colt is strong, and at the same time, the realities that exist, the circumstances that exist that neither one of us control exist as well," Irsay said, characterizing the difficulty of the current situation with Manning's recovery from neck surgery. 

Irsay says his goal is to reach a "unified decision" which is good for Peyton and the future of the Colts.

The Colts have until March 8th to release Manning or pay him a $28 million bonus.