Irsay daughters Carlie and Kalen playing up-front role in Super Bowl bid

Carlie Irsay-Gordon and Kalen Irsay
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Carlie and Kalen Irsay have been busy behind the scenes of the Colts organization, but seldom out front - until this week. Carlie and Kalen, two of Irsay’s three daughters are playing a significant role in the city’s bid to host a second Super Bowl.

“We plan to let the positives speak for themselves,” Kalen said. “2012 is the perfect example.”

The two Irsay daughters arrived at the Ritz Carlton late Tuesday morning for the Indianapolis bid committee’s media briefing.

Indianapolis, Minneapolis and New Orleans are the three cities competing for the 2018 Super Bowl. NFL owners will hear the bid cities presentations Tuesday afternoon and then vote, awarding the game immediately after.

Jim Irsay will speak on behalf of the city when he gets to address his NFL colleagues separately. There were questions about Irsay’s involvement in the bid process following his drug arrest in mid-March. Irsay spent time in an undisclosed rehab center before it was announced two weeks ago that he would be at the NFL owners meeting and lobbying on behalf of Indianapolis.

While the Irsays said their father was “really focused and committed to getting his health back,” they kept most of their comments to the bid.

Carlie said, like her father, she too has been working to secure votes on behalf of Indy.

“It’s a delicate dance…What do you say? Obviously, they’re your cohorts, and you could be voting for them down the road or asking them to vote for you,” she said. “so you point our your strengths, but don’t jump to pointing out the others weaknesses, but I think it is reasonable to ask if they would consider voting for us.”

Kalen added, “we like to talk about what the city did that was unprecedented and continues to be used in other bids after our… how the Super Bowl Village has grown and morphed and we’d like the chance to do it again. We have a great team with Allison in charge and we think the skies the limit with Indy.”

The Irsays will be in the meeting room when their father presents. Jim Irsay is expected to arrive in Atlanta Monday afternoon.