Irsay: Colts game a sellout; won't be blacked out

Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay says this Saturday's playoff game will be a "blue out," not a blackout.

Irsay tweeted Friday morning, "Meijer's a superstar in our community. Bought 1200 tix and giving to local military families. Game on WTHR. BLUE OUT, not black out."

The Colts had until 4:30 p.m. today to sell about 3,000 tickets to Saturday's playoff game against Kansas City and avoid their first local television blackout since 2001.

Normally, teams must sell out 72 hours before kickoff to have a game broadcast in the local market. But the league initially gave the Colts a one-day extension, citing this week's New Year's holiday.

Indianapolis isn't the only team that has been struggling with ticket sales. The Packers and Bengals also had unsold tickets Friday morning for their home games on Wildcard Weekend.

Ticket brokers say part of the reason for the slow sales is because season ticket holders got the option to buy playoff tickets around mid season, when the Colts weren't playing particularly well, so many likely opted to not buy the postseason seats.

Other fans found out the playoff schedule on Sunday, right after Christmas, with their budgets already drained. Also, Indiana University plays Michigan State Saturday afternoon in Bloomington and the Pacers play at home, as well, which may have made more fans choose sides.

"Money's tight and you can get the experience at home on HD that's as good as going to the game," said Shane Bengry.

"Maybe they'll drop the prices...right," laughed Deanna Hilton, who was surprised to hear the Colts had tickets available.  "We moved from Philadelphia and they sold out, and when we moved here, you couldn't get anything."

If the tickets sell and the blackout is lifted, the game can be seen live on Channel 13.

The Colts also announced they are moving their free pre-game party inside the Indiana Convention Center due to the winter weather forecast.


The Colts will have "Touchdown Town" set up in Exhibit Halls J and K with food available, plus appearances by the Colts mascot "Blue" and some of the colts Cheerleaders.
The pre-game tailgate runs from 1:30 to 4:00 Saturday before the game.


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