Irsay arrest prompts care and concern for Colts owner

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Colts owner Jim Irsay and a woman called "Chris" - two people from different walks of life but walking the same road.

Chris said Monday that as someone who has battled addiction herself, she recognized the look on Irsay's face when he was arrested.

"He's searching for something to make him feel good. He's not happy right now. I think that he needs help."

A decade ago, 13 Investigates reported Irsay figured in a prescription drug abuse investigation. A doctor was charged with improperly giving him large amounts of powerful narcotics like hydrocodone even after Irsay relapsed following rehab.

Irsay is an NFL team owner, respected in the community and worth $1.6 billion, according to Forbes. How does he go off the rails?

"It could be too much, everybody looking at him," said Chris. "It could be too much."

Scott Watson with Heartland Intervention added, "It's not just a matter of getting clean and sober one time; It's a matter of how am I going to manage all the stuff that life can throw at me and do it without the use of drugs and alcohol as a coping skill."

Watson said good counseling can help. With Philip Seymour Hoffman's overdose death and now Irsay's troubles, counselors could be getting busier.

"You hate to say there is something good that can come of this, but when someone wealthy and well known gets in trouble, it begins to make it ok for people to talk about people that battle addiction," said Watson.

As Chris continues her own battle against addiction, she says Irsay could be helped by "a be honest with himself. That's what I think. I wish him the best."

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