IPS will fight takeover of four schools

Manual is one of the schools targeted.

Indianapolis Public Schools will fight the state's drastic action to save four failing Indianapolis schools.  Arlington High, Emma Donnan Middle, Manual High and Howe High Schools are all on the list.

It is a fight that could now end up in court.

"I derive no pleasure from the discussions we are going to have today," said State School's boss Dr. Tony Bennett.

He calls the State takeovers the answer for four troubled IPS schools.

But a mom has a big question, "What is that going to mean they're going to take over?" ask Rebecca Coronado.

And IPS chief Dr. Eugene White is not happy, "This is more about politics than the children."

He doesn't question State takeovers at Emma Donna and Manual. But he wants to sue the state over how it calculated scores at the other schools the state is targeting.

"Can these guys succeed where you have not in those schools? I don't know I really don't know. Cause I don't know enough about these guys to pass judgement," says White.

He says the private contractors the state would bring in to run the schools have spotty records or little or no high school experience.

White said, "Our children deserve better and it is time we do it."

Bennett says the charter school contractors will be paid and held accountable for boosting performance at Arlington, Howe, Emma Donnan and Manual starting next school year. Broad Ripple and Washington will get outside helpers but not taken over.

But what about the kids,  "He also wants to play sports I want to make sure they don't take that out of the schools because it's important for kids to get exercise and have school spirit," says IPS mother Rebecca Coronado.

Parents wait for answers,  "I'm hoping they don't take over It's just up to staff and students to want to do better."

But for another IPS mom, Sharon Jones, said "I think it's better off. My youngest is at Manual says half the teachers didn't even help him half the time."

Also tonight the IPS Board extended Dr. White's contract another year.

Dr. Mary Bush, IPS School Commissioner said, "All we have to do is look at where this district was five years ago and the accomplishments that have been made under Dr. White's Leadership."

While IPS School Commissioner Andrea Roof responded, "I will not be supporting this, this evening as well. I believe the time has come for new leadership at IPS.