IPS still working on contract with new superintendent

Lewis Ferebee
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Negotiating a contract with the new Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent is taking longer than expected.

However, board president Diane Arnold tells Eyewitness News she hopes to an agreement finalized in a day or so.

It's been two and half weeks since the IPS board announced Dr. Lewis Ferebee would run the county's biggest school district.

Numerous proposals and counter proposals have bounced between Ferebee, seven board members and their attorneys.

Arnold says board members accepted his latest offer. Now salary, benefits and other terms have to be put in writing.

Board member Annie Roof tells us they'd "rather get it right, than get it fast."

Also in IPS news, some elementary school principals are getting a pay cut after the board approved the plan to cut the salaries of 11 principals by $10,000 to $15,000. It's part of the district's plan to trim costs and save money.