IPS, other districts close for one more day

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Getting to school won't be an issue for tens of thousands of children in central Indiana on Friday. IPS and some other local districts are fighting a losing battle trying to get kids back in class. They have already closed schools for yet another day.

While kids may find it fun to be off school for an extra week, their parents' patience is wearing thin.

Tyler and Keyton are having more fun with the extra time off than their parents. They watched from inside. Others carted their kids to a Colts autograph signing and souvenir grab.

"Going on three days, we're kinda stir crazy!" explained one parent.

Three days on top of a two-week winter break is stretching the patience of parents, children and even teachers.

"I was too stir crazy. I couldn't stand to be in any longer," said Kris Compton.

So the IPS teacher went to work behind the melting icicles, straightening up her classroom, reorganizing, making folders and name tags for new students.

Schools we checked had cleared their sidewalks and parking lots. Buses were started and ready to run yesterday. IPS and other school districts have a number of buildings with broken pipes, but administrators say none of them are serious enough to keep the schools from re-opening

Road conditions remain the biggest concern, from major snow covered thoroughfares to the neighborhood streets where children live. We found many side streets plowed, but not wide enough for all the cars to park close to the curb. It's challenging enough trying to get through in a car or SUV. With an eight-foot-wide school bus, it's treacherous.

On almost every street, main streets and side streets, we found people walking in the streets competing with cars, because most sidewalks are still unshoveled and impassable.

"Kids can't walk in this," said Julie Molitoris.

Neither can school districts and parents concerned for children walking or waiting in the darkness.

"The kids' safety is most important. If we have to make it up, we have to make it up. My kids are home and safe with me," said Amanda Evans, parent.

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