IPS bus driver arrested for fighting with student

Lennell Dumas
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Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - An IPS bus driver and student were arrested for fighting on a school bus. The driver told police a racial slur started the fight.

As the fleet of IPS buses rolled out for their afternoon shift Friday, one of their drivers was sitting in jail.

Lennell Dumas, 40, was arrested for aggravated assault and neglect of a dependent. Police say he got into a fight on his school bus.

"Apparently when the 15-year-old exited the bus, he made a comment a derogatory comment to the bus driver which did not sit well with him," said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, IMPD.

According to police reports, a 15-year-old John Marshall High School student and his sister approached the front of the bus. The student, according to police, used a racial slur. According to witnesses, Dumas then pulled the student toward him, setting off a fight.

"The bus driver has got a tough job the way it is. He has a right to protect himself. But it sounds like after the interviews with the other witnesses there that he tended to be the aggressor on the other side after the comment was made," said Duhamell.

The fight spilled out of the bus onto the street. Dumas told police he was hit in the several times face and head. He was treated at Wishard Hospital and then taken to jail.

"I would say a bus driver or a teacher has a right to protect themselves, but to be the aggressor to go after to continue the fight, no, that is not what it is about," said Duhamell.

The bus has a camera and part of the fight and conversation between the driver and the student was caught on tape. IPS has yet to release it.