IPS algebra teacher 1 of 4 Hubbard Award winners

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An IPS teacher got a big surprise as the school year winds down.

Shortridge Magnet school algebra teacher Tina Ahlgren was one of four IPS teachers to win the Hubbard Life-Changing Teacher Award. She has helped raise the grades of Algebra 1 students from an "F" to a "B" in the last two years.

Ahlgren has been on maternity leave for the last few months, but she has been checking in her students to maintain the relationships that she says are important to learning.

"I really make an effort to make positive relationships with my students and that's how I get through to them and motivate them to do what I ask and to be successful in my classroom," Ahlgren explained.

The winners of the Hubbard award get a $25,000 bonus.