IOC laughs off fake wolf in village prank

IOC laughs off fake wolf in village prank
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Olympic organizers are laughing off the prank by a U.S. luger involving a wolf supposedly prowling the athletes' village, and say no disciplinary action is being taken.

Watch the prank video here.

American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel said Thursday he cooperated with luger Kate Hansen to post a fake video of a wolf wandering the hall outside the athlete's room in Sochi. Instead, Kimmel's staff rented a wolf and built a set in Los Angeles that was a replica of the dorm and filmed the animal walking around.

International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams says "it made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman."

He says "I don't think there's any harm done" and "I don't think it's anything serious."

The U.S. Olympic Committee declined comment.

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