Investigator on Camm family murders: Mistakes were made

David Camm

The murder trial for David Camm continued Wednesday with the jury listening to a phone call Camm placed to Indiana State Police investigator James Biddle on Sunday, October 1, 2000, three days after the murders.

The following is a transcript of what jurors heard:

Biddle: "I can't imagine the pressure you're under."

Camm: "All these guys I was friends with walk right past me."

Biddle: "We're exhausting every lead. I will go as far as I can go to give you what you want."

Camm: "My wife loved me unconditionally. The longer it goes the worse it's going to be."

Camm became emotional in court listening to the call.

Biddle knew during the call that Camm would soon be arrested, and approximately eight hours later, Camm was taken into custody.

Biddle admits that, to this day, he has never read the ISP supplemental reports of the investigation that he led to see who did what. He testified that no one checked the database for the nickname "Backbone" found in the sweatshirt, and that he was unaware that the inside of the house was never fingerprinted.

Biddle admits that he was lying to Camm at points during the phone call. Biddle testified, "There were mistakes made and I regret that but I believe this was one of the most thorough, extensive investigations ISP has ever done."

The jury also heard from Frank Loop, a Floyd County Sheriff's lieutenant. Loop spoke with Camm in late April or early May 2000 to discuss becoming a reserve Floyd County Sheriffs Deputy. Camm told Luke he just needed some time to get his money in order to purchase a service weapon (a Beretta 9mm). Camm told Loop he turned in all his ISP guns.

Next, the jury heard from from a realtor who says she received a call the week of the murders from David Camm inquiring about a listing she had. Camm expressed interest in the home because it was closer to the children's school.

Robert (Mickey) Neal, an ISP investigator, also testified Wednesday. He responded to the crime scene on the night of the murders. Neal asked Camm to come in to give some information and Camm was initially reluctant to leave his family. After some discussion with family and friends, Camm went to the ISP post to talk with Neal. In Neal's mind, David Camm wasn't an initial suspect. The jury listened to a lengthy interview of Camm.

"It was a pretty normal day," Camm said in the interview. He described the day but seemed very calm and tired, saying, "It doesn't make any sense."

Camm had no knowledge of anyone stocking or harassing Kim. Camm never suspected Kim of having affairs. "I don't know when she would ever have time to," he said.

"What kind of God thanks I can go along with this?" he said.

Camm was emotional in court listening to himself talk about finding his children dead in the backseat of the car.