Investigation to find missing baby continues today

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An investigation to find missing 1-month-old Delano Wilson continues today after search crews searched along Little Eagle Creek for the infant Tuesday evening.

Tuesday's search didn't turn up anything, but investigators say they will continue to follow up on leads today.

"We're just not leaving any stone unturned," said Indianapolis Metro Police officer Rafael Diaz.

Police say Tuesday's search for Delano Wilson is a follow up to their search of the White River last week.

"We were checking trash cans, checking any area where this child could be. And this week, we're focusing a little more on centralized locations," Diaz said.

Crime scene investigators searched Wilson's parents' home for more than eight hours Monday night, but insisted that did not prompt Tuesday's search efforts, nor was it based on any new tips.

"This is just one of the areas where we followed the information to come over here and this is where we are at today," Diaz.

They found nothing but say it helps cross search points off the list.

"We're just going through a process of elimination, of where a child could be," Diaz said.

Baby Delano's parents reported him stolen from his father, Willie Wilson, near their west side home last week. Wilson told police he was pistol whipped and robbed by a white male who fled with a Hispanic woman in an older model blue Taurus.

"It's a real busy alley and I didn't pay attention until the dad came stumbling out," said neighbor Christine Richey, who watched police execute the search warrant.

Eyewitness News spoke to one of the family members who said the house was ransacked inside.

"That is the longest I have seen for a small house. They were still here when I took my child to the bus stop, not all of them, but there was still a couple of them around," Richey said.

Wilson's mother, Taniasha Perkins, told Eyewitness News crime lab workers removed a large portion of carpet from their home. Our cameras captured investigators carrying a large number of evidence bags during the search.

Officer Rafael Diaz, a spokesman for IMPD, said the service of a search warrant late Monday in the 500 block of Chase St. is "part of the long, ongoing investigation" of missing Delano Wilson.

Diaz said the search was part of the investigative process and was not connected to new information in the case.

When police arrived Monday night, they escorted the family members, including the baby's parents, out of the home.

IMPD said Monday morning that the department's primary focus remains on finding 6-week-old Delano Wilson.

The 1-month old went missing last Wednesday when his father said he was walking along a nearby alley carrying the baby and a couple attacked him and snatched Delano out of his arms.

"We continue to, in smaller patterns, search the area," the IMPD said. "We continue our public and internal announcements in search for Delano. We continue to ask the public for leads or information. We have no new plans for a massive search at this time, but if new information is discovered that could change."

Neighbors of Delano Wilson's family say they are at their wit's end.

"I just want to know if he's in there alive," one neighbor said. "Everybody out here has at least searched their trash can or their backyard for the baby from day one and we just want to know if he's alive and if he's not then and he's not in there, then we need to keep on looking for him."

"He's cute, he is so cute. They would bring him on the porch and sit out there and talk to us and stuff," said neighbor Anna Taulbee.

"How could you ever think to hurt a baby that can't do anything for itself at all," said Chelsie Hall, who lives near the new search site.

"We have been everywhere, everywhere," Ronda Froschauer said.

Froschauer has been out searching every day with her granddaughter.

"We've been covering the train tracks on this side, we've been covering the wooded areas, we've been in the recycling place," Froschauer said. "We feel like we've got to find this baby."

Since Delano was first kidnapped, an Amber Alert was issued and then dismissed shortly after.

Police have searched the nearby White River and have combed the nearby woods by air and on the ground with searchers and tracking dogs. At one point, police said they picked up the scent of Delano and or his father, but so far police have yet to find the missing baby. Delano's father was questioned immediately after he reported the baby missing and Perkins was questioned for about seven hours.

The couple has been actively searching for their son, passing out fliers and recruiting family members to join the search effort.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.