Investigation into ambulance crash could last weeks

Two EMTs were killed in a crash downtown Saturday.
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The investigation into what caused a crash that killed two EMTs Saturday morning could take weeks.

Timothy McCormick, 24, and 22-year-old Cody Medley died after their ambulance was struck by a car in downtown Indianapolis.

"I was numb and every day since then, it has sunk in more," said Sue Shepherd.

Shepherd, a firefighter and EMT, worked with McCormick.

"He saw some bad things. We all do. He conducted himself with professionalism and he was focused and he was compassionate," she said.

That makes the way McCormick and Medley died that much harder to comprehend. Eyewitness News has learned it could be weeks before the toxicology report comes back detailing what was in the system of the driver who hit the ambulance. That driver, 21-year-old Jade Hammer, also submitted a blood alcohol test. Those results could come back as soon as Tuesday.

These are the first days of many in what promises to be a long investigation and an even longer period of grieving and remembering two committed servants. As time moves on, their friends and co-workers will not only keep their memory alive, but change their own lives in response to having knew them.

"It's hard to go back to work. I worked last night and it was the most difficult shift I've ever been on," said Kyle Thomas.

Thomas was hired in and went to recruit school with McCormick and Medley and was partnered with Medley.

"He was always pushing to be the best. He wanted to be the best ambulance out there. He was Medic 11 and he wanted to be the best in the whole city," said Kyle.

"I'm going to try to adopt the Tim McCormick sense of finding that silver lining and not complaining," Shepherd said..

Detectives on the case will meet with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office Tuesday morning to and the case over to them.