Investigation continues into Decatur Township double homicide

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Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Metro homicide detectives returned Tuesday to the crime scene of a double murder. They want to find out who killed two men in their Decatur Township home. A neighbor found their bodies Monday on the city's far south west side near Camby.

Homicide detectives went back to the Heartland Crossing neighborhood to look for possible clues. But so far, who committed the double murder remains a mystery.

"It appears to be at this point blunt force trauma. We know they had been there several days," said Sgt. Matthew Mount, Indianapolis Metro Police.

After not hearing from 70-year-old Milton Lindgren and 73-year-old Eric Hendricks, a friend stopped by to check on them. He became alarmed about an open window and alerted a neighbor who called 911.

This is a partial transcript of the call.

OPERATOR: Emergency 911
CALLER: Can you send officers....
OPERATOR: and what are we coming there for sir?
CALLER: ...He's the caregiver of the house, and went in the back and found them upstairs.
OPERATOR: So we got people inside of a house?
CALLER: Yes, Yes.
OPERATOR: How many?
OPERATOR: Do we have them in custody yet?
CALLER: No, They are deceased.
OPERATOR: Oh my gosh! They live there and they both passed away?
CALLER: Well, it appears that way. There is blood everywhere.

Police found the victims in separate upstairs rooms of the house. Large amounts of blood in both locations may indicate violent attacks.

Investigators hope to learn more from possible witnesses. "If they heard anything or saw anybody around that house the last couple of weeks that should have not been there," said Sgt. Mount.

Investigators are also working on a motive for the murder, especially since neighbors claim the victims suffered harassment in the past.

"One of them was the caregiver of the other. We have to take into consideration all possible motives," said Sgt. Mount.

If you have any information that could help police in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.