Investigation continues into Columbus plane crash

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A day after a plane slammed into a Bartholomew County home, investigators are trying to piece together what happened. The owners of the destroyed house on Broadmoor Lane in Columbus are trying to salvage what they can from their burned out home.

The only activity at noon Friday outside the badly damaged home was people stopping by to take pictures. Neighborhood residents walked up and tourists drove by in cars to snap a photo. The plane, which was constructed from a kit, struck the home Thursday morning and burst into flames.

Gerald Clayton and Dennis King suffered severe burns in the fire. Clayton, 81, is in serious condition and King was upgraded to fair condition.

The Federal Aviation Administration has completed its investigation after working throughout the night. The National Transportation Safety Board has not been to the scene yet.

So far, investigators have interviewed ten witnesses, but not the passenger or the pilot.

Insurance investigators will determine what can be salvaged from inside the home. Also, investigators plan to go into the home and collect all the parts of the airplane that wound up inside the home and take it to another location for investigation.

Meanwhile, Hiroko and Tadashi Nakao are hoping to get back inside eventually.

"Aafter the investigation we can go inside to take our [things]...just waiting," said Tadashi.

Hiroko is hoping to retrieve her engagement ring, which belonged to her mother-in-law.