Internet reacts strongly to Gosling, Mendes pregnancy rumors

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Rumors that actor Ryan Gosling might soon become a dad were met with widespread online outrage Wednesday.

Ok! Magazine reported that the 33-year-old actor would be expecting a baby with actress Eva Mendes, who is allegedly seven months pregnant. The two actors have been dating since they co-stared in the 2012 drama "The Place Beyond the Pines ," where they portrayed struggling parents of a newborn.

The internet immediately became abuzz with memes and tweets lamenting the Academy Award nominee's newly unavailable status. Most popular among them feature scenes from Gosling's 2004 movie, "The Notebook." They show his former co-star and ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams in varying states of despair at the announcement.

But devoted fans and the memefied McAdams can hold out hope: neither Gosling nor Mendes have publicly confirmed pregnancy rumors at this time.

You can check out some of the memes and tweets for yourself at the following links: