Interactions Corp. to expand Indy workforce by 1,000

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The WorkOne office on the east side is busy with a steady stream of unemployed residents looking for a new opportunity.

"If you're looking for work...what they say? 'Oatmeal is better than no meal?'," said Tamika Smith, laughing.

Currently unemployed, she didn't realize that an opportunity was just a few feet away.

A sign next to the unemployment office with an arrow and the name "Interactions." The company announced Wednesday they're hiring 1,000 people in Indianapolis.

"Wow. So I'm on my way over to the sign. Right now!" Smith said.

The company, which uses automation and real people to field incoming calls for companies nationwide, needs workers and needs them now.

"Hey, in the next couple of months, we've got to make it happen," said Interactions Corporation Recruiting Manager Robert Capo, Jr.

A thousand employees, mostly Intent Analysts, who sit at computers, listen to callers, then use a special program to direct an automated voice to help those callers make a reservation or a purchase.

Interactions calls these real jobs.

"They're jobs that people know they can come to every day. They know that, you perform, you're going to be here. You're going to be here today, you're going to be here tomorrow, you're going to be here six months from now. It's up to you to make the most of it," said Capo Jr.

Interactions opened a local office and call center in Carmel in 2006. They showed off their technology at the time, with the hope of creating 240 jobs in three years. Now, in the next three months, that number will grow to 1,400.

And one of them may be a very happy Tamika Smith.

"They need help right now," she said after speaking with a company representative. "They told me to go online and fill out the application and somebody should be calling me tomorrow and I should be working by Friday!"

In addition to the new jobs in Indianapolis, Interactions is also hiring a thousand people in Austin, Texas. A growing client base, the company says, is the reason for the expansion.

Candidates can apply by visiting here.