Inspiration from Boston evident at Mini-Marathon

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The weather was perfect for the mini-marathon Saturday. A little windy but otherwise cloudy, cool and no rain.

There were so many inspirational stories along the course. Plus this year many runners in Indianapolis pledged to race Boston Strong.

They ran, walked and pushed through to make it.

Thirty-five thousand strong along with thousands of cheering volunteers and supporters, "Get your ice cold water!"

In a testament to tradition, tenacity and sheer willpower each runner had their own story. Their own reason to race.

 "I thank God at my second chance at life and out here to enjoy the day" said Courtney Larson.

Beth Deloria said, "I'm out here running for all those people who can't, to remind people technology is changing. If you have a good attitude, you too can get back up, especially in light of what happened in Boston, there are a lot of people that need to be reminded that there's a brighter day - tomorrow."

That reminder was clear at this year's Mini Marathon.

Unity for those who died or were injured in the bombing and the determination for runners in Cindy to stay in the race.

"I wasn't gonna let that stop and I think runners are taking up that position, that 'Boston strong'," said Dee.

Many here saying simply, "We run for Boston"

"Just as a show of support for the victims out there and a show of unity for all runners. We want to do something different this year and just send a positive message out there that we're gonna continue on and keep running this race and keep having fun in Indianapolis," said Steve Goss.

The fun, the exhaustion, the emotion of this race  all turn to elation at the finish line.

There are the winners, "I like this Indiana, so thank you very much everybody," said men's division winner Alene Reta.

Wheelchair winner Krige Schabort said, "Under 46 minutes. I'm very pleased with my time."

"Today's my first attempt to win the race, half marathon in the U.S.," explained women's division winner Sarah Kiptoo.

And there are the thousands of others who were inspired to run. Who can now say they finished the race.