Inside the criminal mind: burglars and bank robbers

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Inside the mind of a bank robber - For the first time, 13 Investigates is analyzing central Indiana robberies, combing through five years of police reports, learning when and where robberies happen and which banks have been targeted. We traveled to the Westville Correctional Facility in northern Indiana to get inside the mind of a criminal who has spent his life robbing banks. "I would see myself as a career criminal," said 48-year-old Michael McKinzie, who says he has robbed more than ten banks in Florida, Illinois and Indiana.


See bank robbery data here - This data summary includes 181 reports on bank robberies that occurred between 2007-2011 in Central Indiana. Specific details about the robberies were gathered from FBI and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports. They include information from the following counties: Marion, Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Shelby, Johnson and Hancock.

Map of robberies

Inside the mind of a criminal: preventing home burglaries - Mark McNally says he has burglarized hundreds of homes in 20 years, making off with tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property. He is currently serving an 18-year sentence at the Westville Correctional Facility and is scheduled to be released in 2015. McNally said he burglarized homes to make money and support a drug habit that included cocaine. He gave us unique insight into how criminals think and how they target homes to burglarize.


Home Burglary Map - This shows burglary incidents from 2010 to the present in Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Zionsville and Franklin.

Interactive Crime Map - If you know of a burglary that's occurred in your neighborhood recently, enter the data here.