Inside Cirque de Soleil

Inside Cirque de Soleil
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Dave Patania/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Turning Music into Motion. That's the best way to describe Cirque du Soleil's DELIRIUM. They are performing their first live arena event here in Indianapolis at Conseco Fieldhouse. But they aren't just performers, they are athletes as well.

Delirium is a state of the art mix of music, dance, theatre and athletics. The show is a quest for balance in a world that is sometimes out of sync with reality.

Back in wardrobe, you'd think that performances would be old hat for one seamstress, but Michelle Baxter's role is to create costumes that catch your eye but don't constrict movement.

"Well it's just amazing how flexible and acrobatic and graceful they are," said Baxter.

Or there's Thomas Wells, head of wardrobe. Each bauble and bead is under his watchful eye. A lot of thought goes into every costume.

"It gives an illusion 'cause they'll come out and they'll start spinning in these and as they spin it gives a major special effect," said Wells. "Especially with the lighting."

The combination of art and athleticism not only impresses the audience, but the performers.

"It's still mind blowing every night," said performer Jennifer Hamady. "The music and the power of it all and the different acts, it still takes my breath away. What they've done, there are now fifteen Cirque du Soleil shows. They have taken the best music from each show and put it together in one big show. they have different costumes and lighting and they have the acrobats and the dancers really highlighting the numbers and the music."

The performance and their physical fitness may just inspire you to step up your workouts.