Initiative seeks to divide California into 'Six Californias'

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If all goes according to the plan of Venture Capitalist Tim Draper, the U.S. could soon have 55 states.

Draper has launched a new initiative in California that seeks to divide the state into six different ones.

He wants to take the issue to voters.

The "Six California" initiative already had 1.3 million signatures Tuesday, enough to get the issue on the ballot as long as enough of them are valid.

According to an NBC Bay Area article, Draper believes that because California is the most populated state, "the state has become ungovernable and can no longer meet the needs of its citizens."

The change would give the area 12 Senators in Congress, instead of two. The states would be called Jefferson, Silicon Valley, North California, Central California, South California and West California.

Political experts told NBC Bay Area that the likelihood of the division of California is very rare.

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