Initial hearing for Jim Irsay postponed

Jim Irsay
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A judge has delayed the initial hearing for Colts owner Jim Irsay while he seeks treatment.

Irsay was pulled over for driving erratically on March 16. He was arrested on preliminary charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance.

Irsay's attorneys moved to continue the hearing, originally scheduled for Wednesday, since Irsay was admitted to an out-of-state medical facility for inpatient treatment. Prosecutors also have not yet filed formal charges against him, and the NFL has said they would hold off on any suspensions or fines until the legal process has unfolded.

Meanwhile, Irsay's eldest daughter, Carlie Irsay Gordon, has taken his place at the annual NFL owners meeting in Orlando, Fla.

"You know it's going to stay in the family, it's not going to be consulted out. That's very important," said ESPN's John Clayton. "I think that you can see there's a plan there now in case Jimmy's not going to be around for some period of time."

General Manager Ryan Grigson is working alongside Carlie and, so far, the team approach seems effective.

According to Stephen Holder with our partners at the Indianapolis Star, "One of the things Jim has really done from an ownership standpoint is try to differentiate himself from his father. And his father was certainly a lot more hands on, as we all know. So, Jim's done a good job of being involved but not getting in the way. So, you know Carlie's going to follow her father's instincts in that regard and follow his example. I would expect that her style would be very much the same as Jim's."

Again, the NFL's waiting for the legal process to take place before a suspension and fine are handed down. But it's really not that simple to figure out.

"How do you fine someone who is worth $1.6 billion?" pointed out Mike Florio with the NFL Network. "How do you fine someone who is receiving millions from the league office every week? Do you take away two weeks of what the Colts receive from the league office? Is that the equivalent penalty? Whatever you do by way of a financial punishment, it has to be an enormous magnitude to simulate what you do to a player."

Owners are not required to take drug tests but the commissioner does it just to support the players. Now, there has been a suggestion that, if there's a reason for it, drug testing could be made mandatory for an owner.

"In this case, that could be something that would help Jim Irsay in the future, knowing that on any given day he could be subject to a random drug test. That may be that extra little kick that keeps a guy away from a temptation," said Florio.

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